A La Mer in Garden Mural (repeating)- Wallpaper
A La Mer in Garden Mural (repeating)- Wallpaper
Jordan Connelly Studio

A La Mer in Garden Mural (repeating)- Wallpaper

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The Jordan Connelly wallpaper and textile collection was hand-painted and expertly designed to create unique happy spaces. Jordan’s aim for each lovely pattern was not only to be visually pleasing, but to thoughtfully tell a story.  Each color, pattern, and individual subject was carefully curated to become part of the art and experience. They beautifully translate each imperfect brush-stroke flawlessly, leaving the viewer wondering if the pattern was hand-painted directly onto the wall. The paper is digitally printed with eco-friendly inks in the US. 

Flat Matte Paper 

*Please note: There is a 5-yard minimum. Paper is ordered in 1-yard increments starting with 1 yard, however any orders placed for less than 5 yards will not be processed.

*If ordering internationally, please inquire for shipping invoice here. 

The full mural repeats endlessly. This means 1) it can accommodate spaces of any width given the end matches the beginning and 2) it allows for the installer to start the mural with any of the 5 panels. **All sample swatches of this mural are scaled down 8"x8.5" versions of the 12' mural. Example order for someone that wants to fill a 9' foyer that is 270" wide and you want the tree to be the starting point: Panel D (quantity 2), Panel E (2), Panel A (2), Panel B (2), Panel C (2). The quantity is 2 given the mural will repeat twice in that 270" space. 

Full mural 135" wide (5 panels), straight match continuous repeat
27" wide trimmed clay-coated paper, comes 30" untrimmed, 1" overlap
Sold by the panel in 9' and 12' lengths, prints in continuous roll
Panels: A,B,C,D,E, but can start with any panel
Production lead time: 1-3 weeks
Print to order items are final sale once ordered

For wallpaper FAQ, click here. For wallpaper hanging instructions click here. Members of the Trade may who desire a discount, please click this link to apply. 

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