Wallpaper FAQ

What should I consider and/or tell my installer when ordering my wallpaper? The flat matte paper comes untrimmed in one continuous roll sold by the yard, and the repeat is listed under each design. 

What is a half-drop repeat and why are most of your patterns repeated in half-drop? In a half drop repeat, the artwork is repeated along horizontal and vertical lines just like in a full drop repeat, however, the horizontal repeat is staggered. The pattern repeats perfectly on the vertical line but then drops exactly half of the vertical repeat along the horizontal line. This means when your paper is installed, your panels will align in a staggered fashion versus aligning the bottom of each panel. It is important to consider this when determining how many yards of paper to order, as there will be a small amount of waste. Half-drop repeats do a fantastic job of hiding obvious repeats in the patterns, whereby it gives the full space more of a hand-painted artistic spontaneous feel versus a digitally created expected pattern. 

I noticed there are a few papers that mention they come in a 'Large yard'. What does this mean? There are 3 patterns that are offered in a large yard versus a traditional yardage. The paper is simply twice the width as the traditional 27" yardage, so while the price per yard appears to be more, it is in actuality exactly the same due to the larger 54" width. 

I noticed the flat matte paper comes ‘untrimmed’. What does ‘untrimmed’ mean and why does the paper come untrimmed? Untrimmed refers to the visible selvedge on the lateral edges of the paper. Traditionally, luxury paper is printed untrimmed. Benefits of untrimmed paper include: 1) allowance for join marks which facilitate efficient pattern repeat and matching for installation 2) extra protection of the product for shipment and installation 3) preferred by most professional installers, as it provides better control and improved outcomes.

What is the current lead time? The current lead time is the standard 4-6 weeks, plus shipping for most papers. Each order is custom created by a family-owned private label business in the US. We do offer ~2-week rush order printing. This option is available in the same location in which you select your yardage. Rush order timeframe estimates do not including shipping time. There are a few papers that ship within 1-3 weeks as noted in their description. 

Do you offer trade discounts? Thank you for your interest. We do! Please click this link to apply. Once your application is approved, we will send over further information and a discount code.

Do you offer customization (colorway or pattern)? We do offer the ability to order custom colors, grounds, and patterns. Please inquire at jordanconnellystudio@gmail.com.

Do you offer commercial-grade paper? We do offer the ability to order custom commercial-grade grounds. Please inquire at jordanconnellystudio@gmail.com

Do you sell wallpaper by the roll? Wallpaper is sold by the linear yard. We recommend rounding up if you are in between yards, as we are unable to cut by the 1/2 yard or in custom lengths.

How much paper should I order? We recommend reviewing with a professional wallcovering installer for the best estimate. You will need to provide them with the dimensions of the paper, as well as the repeat in order for them to provide you with the most accurate information. It is always best to order all paper at one time, so that the dyes are the same with your full order. If you are hanging the paper yourself, there are many helpful resources with wallpaper calculators online, but using a professional installer is the safest route. 

What is the minimum order? There is a 5-yard minimum

Do you accept returns? We do not accept any returns, as each order is custom printed and cut by the  manufacturer.

Can I cancel my order? We do not allow any cancellations after your order is processed. We place your order with the manufacturer immediately so they may begin working to fulfill your order as quickly as possible. If your order has not already been processed, we will do everything in our power to accommodate a cancellation.

Can I use wallpaper in a bathroom? Yes! We recommend utilizing standard ventilation to help reduce moisture, as well as preventing frequent splashes of water.

Is your wallpaper pre-pasted? No. We recommend working with your wallpaper installer to select a standard clear wallpaper adhesive. For Flat Matte wallpaper hanging instructions click here

How do I clean my wallpaper if necessary? Wallpaper may be wiped clean with mild soap and water using a soft cloth or sponge. We recommend testing in a small concealed area first. The use of cleaner or heavy rubbing may cause the colors to lift.

Does your paper have a fire rating? It is class A fire-rated, ASTM-E84

Can you tell us more about your commitment to sustainability? We are committed to actively seeking solutions to run a more sustainable, eco-friendly business, and thus have chosen eco-friendly manufacturers.